Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016, first post in years...

...I miss posting on a steady blog like Xanga but idk what the hell they're even doing anymore. I sometimes post on tumblr but I'm not so active anymore on that site, I guess I lost the touch? 

      Anyways, I totally forgot I even had a blogger and you can clearly tell (who ever is reading this crap) that I'm just so active. I'll just narrow down some basics;

     *I work at a shit pharmacy and I can't stand it, hopefully I'll be able to get another job but part time.
     *I still help out my mom at the salon and learning new nail tech skills whenever I get the chance.
     *I've been going steady with Dylan for the past couple of years and I can't wait till we start our life together.
      *I've been engaged to him pretty much since we started "dating" but I had no idea we were even dating, lol.
     *I love my Dylan so much
     *I plan on going for my second degree in Biology this Fall and I really can't wait! 
     *Taking it at KBCC as an alumni student cause it will be so much easier. 
      *Been going to and practicing Bikrim yoga and I love it more than the gym

Oh, and I got 2 of my right side wisdom teeth taken out and I'm stuck at home in a blizzard.

The end?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Xanga...why do you constantly disappoint us?...

...I haven't been updating here on Blogger, or even on Wordpress (fuck that site), but I do tend to update more on tumblr <3. Then again and like I said before, tumblr is not really much of a "blog" site that we're all use to. Its more for loading up pics, media, and all sorts of crap. Anyways, I've been in the mood to update for a good while now. I can't even update my wordpress because you know its fuckin wordpress. Its also a bit hard to update on this site as well since it seems too dead for my taste...but then again so was Xanga. Thing is, I always find comfort in Xanga more than any other blogging site. My ideal purpose of a blogging site is basically to rant my feelings and to get certain things off my chest. I feel as though this site is too open...because its google. Can't fuckin win...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can't deal with other blogging sites...

...wordpress is a joke, livejournal is more like a dead journal to me (there is a site called deadjournal), and Xanga is all messed up since it switched to Xanga 2.0 which is a lot similar to wordpress format. So far, I haven't been blogging because of these changes, and I posted a few times on tumblr but its more of a open site that blogs pictures and other inappropriate shit. So I might as well blog here for a short while till things get better or just permanently blog here for good. So far, my schedule at school is a bit hectic but what can I do? Just got to live with it throughout this semester and hope for the best outcome from it. I decided to take Pharmacy Technician class at KBCC, just so I can finally get a decent paying job and a career I can build experience with. My dream is to be a doctor, and I got to build my resume for medical school so they can take me in. Most importantly is the experience and a decent paying salary so I can finally build up more credit. If an idiot that I once knew can do it; because I push her to do it, I can do it 100x better. Lesson learned, stop helping out needy people who are always lost and confused. Work on yourself and forget about the others, your more important than that. Everyone isn't a friend at all, just unnecessary abuse. I still got some reading to do, but I'm gonna take care of that in the morning. Until than, later blogger.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I forgot about this blog...

...silly me, I'm not really feeling for blogger since I've been with Xanga for many years. I tried many other blogs and I can't help but go back to Xanga. Since that blog its on the edge, I might have to get use to this one or Wordpress (another blog that is completely alien to me). Well, like I said I have to get use to this one, and post some pictures. Can't believe I haven't been on this blog since November 2012, shesh...

Monday, November 12, 2012


Last week Thursday, November 8th it was only around 6PM, and Brooklyn (Midwood - Sheepshead Bay) was coated with snow, and hail. Earlier that morning I was walking from school to my father's car, and I saw from the window's frosty from the rain. Clearly, it was hail when I stepped outside. I never ever walked around when hail was pouring down, but it did hurt and burn like hell! My finger less gloves didn't work, nor did my hoodie help me out either. Took me a good 20mins to cross the campus, to the parking lot. Very painful experience.

Brooklyn still is trying its best from recovering from Hurricane Sandy, half of Emmons avenue is shut down. I'll be taking more pictures tomorrow since I'll be in the area.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy aftermath...

...Everything at my house is pretty good, our basement was pretty much flooded during the Hurricane, but we were lucky enough to even have power that night so we pumped the basement all night long. We lost power 2 nights later for 3 hours, and cable/internet for a good 2 days. Still, my area was hit bad, and a lot of things were closed down. I can't imagine how my college must look like under water.
"Roll 'N' Roaster", located on Emmons Avenue off the corner of Nostrand Avenue was prepared for the Hurricane. They must of have been flooded as well, with the rest of the restaurants along the avenue.