Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I forgot about this blog...

...silly me, I'm not really feeling for blogger since I've been with Xanga for many years. I tried many other blogs and I can't help but go back to Xanga. Since that blog its on the edge, I might have to get use to this one or Wordpress (another blog that is completely alien to me). Well, like I said I have to get use to this one, and post some pictures. Can't believe I haven't been on this blog since November 2012, shesh...


  1. I saw you gave your link away in Xanga Forever.. I know exactly who you were on xanga. I know I know some people but not very many people knew me since I went a bit inactive after I met my bf there. But, was trying to return the day the announcement came through. I was pinktiger335

    Either way, hi! =D

    1. Sorry for the very late reply, I'm trying to be active on this blog....eventually.

  2. Ohhh, ok, Don't remember you from Xanga since I was anti-social on that site. I mainly used Xanga as a refugee with my emotions, and I have a few select friends on it. I kept it private mainly so I won't get harassed online like I use to from stupidity. Have you seen my Xanga around in a group page besides Xanga forever on FB?

    Anyways, thanks for following me and nice to meet you. Its Rosie btw :3