Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016, first post in years...

...I miss posting on a steady blog like Xanga but idk what the hell they're even doing anymore. I sometimes post on tumblr but I'm not so active anymore on that site, I guess I lost the touch? 

      Anyways, I totally forgot I even had a blogger and you can clearly tell (who ever is reading this crap) that I'm just so active. I'll just narrow down some basics;

     *I work at a shit pharmacy and I can't stand it, hopefully I'll be able to get another job but part time.
     *I still help out my mom at the salon and learning new nail tech skills whenever I get the chance.
     *I've been going steady with Dylan for the past couple of years and I can't wait till we start our life together.
      *I've been engaged to him pretty much since we started "dating" but I had no idea we were even dating, lol.
     *I love my Dylan so much
     *I plan on going for my second degree in Biology this Fall and I really can't wait! 
     *Taking it at KBCC as an alumni student cause it will be so much easier. 
      *Been going to and practicing Bikrim yoga and I love it more than the gym

Oh, and I got 2 of my right side wisdom teeth taken out and I'm stuck at home in a blizzard.

The end?